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Wedding film reflections from Scott

I love being able to watch our wedding video often. Did you know that I cried as I watched Heather walk with her father down the aisle? The wedding video shows this! Even when reading my vows, I could barely make it through a sentence. You can hear this in the video! 

As Heather was reading her vows, she mentioned the stories I told of my grandparents (who passed many years before I met Heather)... My grandparents meant the world to me and Heather's words let them be a part of our wedding. A photo would never capture that. 

We held hands. We laughed together. Heather wiped tears from my face.  

During my vows, I mentioned that my daughter Cadence said she knew Heather,  "would be the best stop-mom ever, because she makes amazing cookies" . Cadence was only 8 years old at the time and the video quickly switched to her reaction. Cadence was so surprised to hear me say this and her reaction was beautiful.

2022 will be our 6th wedding anniversary. As years move on, our wedding film becomes even more special to me. There were reactions and sounds from our children that made our day even more special. Heather passed her bouquet off to our oldest daughter who was also the maid of honor.  Our youngest daughter hobbled down the aisle with a broken foot as our flower girl.  Our youngest son, Nicholas, was only 2 at the time. He played with Hot Wheels cars near our feet while making his own unique sound. It's one of the most memorable moments of the ceremony. 

Our wedding film is perfect and I love that I can watch it over and over again with my wife as we grow older. 






Did you know... 

Cadence Music And Entertainment provides videography for more than wedding films!! 

Check out just SOME of the options below. 

*Engagement films are a perfect compliment to OR even an alternative to your engagement photos. We can help announce your engagement to friends and family with a film to show more of your personality. Let's head to a park, nature trail, beach, your backyard, downtown in a big city, and more! 

*Surprise Proposals can be simple, but let's get creative! A marriage proposal is one of the biggest, emotional days of your relationship up to this point.. .and we can capture it all!

*Family film sessions are like a family photo session... but with video.  We could capture a birthday, gender reveal, graduation, or even provide a mother's day gift, etc. The possibilities are endless. 

*Video marketing is a must have for many businesses, real estate, and more. If you're stuck on an idea, we can even help be the creative mind behind your advertisement and  commercial material to increase awareness and traffic to your brand.

*Music videos help create a powerful or fun visual to your message. Teamed with an incredible company, together we can bring your song to life. Going viral is the goal, so we also promote the video. 

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