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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions



*When is the final payment due?  In the past, we were more relaxed with this detail and even accepted the final payment at the end of the night. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to do that. Final payments MUST be paid prior to equipment setup on the day of the event. Though final payments aren't due until the day-of, we highly recommend to have all balances paid at least 1 day before the event to check that off your to-do-list. On the day of the event, we are no longer able to begin setup or provide service if a balance remains. 

If making the final payment on the day of the event, only cash & credit/debit through PayPal can be accepted. 


*Do we provide dinner for you?  No. Even during dinner, we're working. Last minute adjustments in the timeline, activities during dinner, attention to small details that most don't notice, still playing music (No pre set dinner playlist here), etc. keep us a little too busy during the dinner hour. We do bring fruits and veggies to snack on throughout the day so we're all set. Please, feel free to save that money!!  :) 

*Do you use contracts? Always!! We'd be more than happy to send one to you for more helpful information.

*Are deposits refundable? There's two main reason why deposits are non-refundable.

1) Once you book your date, we are no longer able to accept other events/work for that day. Most likely, we've even had several other inquires for you date that we've turned down since that date belongs to you. 

2) There's a lot of work that goes into a wedding day even before the actual wedding date arrives. Advertising, marketing, and booking your event takes time and financial resources. Pre-wedding meetings, emails, social media communications, etc. can be very detailed. Even as a DJ/Videographer, we often assist with creating your timeline. Again, this all takes time and financial resources. 

*Are you insured? Of course! As a full-time business, we take pride in offering you the best possible service. 

*Do you hold dates? The only way to hold a date, is to lock in your date with the deposit and signed contract. Dates go fast and sometimes unexpectedly. EXAMPLE of an unexpected booking: A couple in the beginning stages of their wedding vendor search might reach out to us for information. We give them our pricing, email a contract, and then maybe not hear from them for a few weeks as they gather information from other vendors. In the meantime, that date is still available so we book a meeting with a different couple. IF couple 'A' sends back the contract and deposit payment the night before the scheduled meeting with couple 'B', unfortunately the meeting with couple 'B' will need to be cancelled if the date is no longer available. It's rare that this happens, but it has happened.

*When should I book? We recommend booking as soon as you know we're the perfect fit. Approximately half of our schedule does fill up quickly, usually 12-18 months in advance.  

*Do you travel all of Michigan? Unfortunately, we do not. To provide the best service possible and to keep rates lower, we like to keep our service area to a reasonable drive time from the Fenton/Linden, MI area. For videography services, we prefer our drive time to be no more than 120 minutes. For DJ services, (because of the extended setup required) we prefer our drive time to be no more than 60 minutes. 


Our service area also does include parts of Ohio. There was a time that we traveled up to 3 hours, but an 8 hour wedding would be a 17+ hour work day for us (when providing DJ services). We've loved our many amazing weddings all over the state, but a limit to our service area was necessary. 

*Do you offer coordination services? Unfortunately, we no longer offer coordination services. Coordinating weddings and other events was a service that we loved, but we made the tough decision to step away to give more attention to our wedding films. Though we do miss the fun of coordination your events, we LOVE LOVE LOVE that we're able to be full time with our wedding videography. 

*Do you offer photography services? Not exactly, but we do offer a digital photo package as an add-on with any videography package. Each picture on our website/social media is our own work (except the 1 from our own wedding). If interested, we'd love to provide more details. Just send us a quick message. :) 

DJ + MC Questions


*Do we need to provide a table for you? No. :) All we need from you is one source of power near our booth. 

*Do you offer up-lighting? YES! We offer up to 26 FREE up-lights to add beauty and fun to the venue. Need more? Just let us know!!

**Sources of power would be needed. Our current up-lights are LED and wired.

*What type of music do you play? We play it all! If you like it, we'll play it. We're very diverse in our musical knowledge. If it's an artist that we aren't familiar with, it's put into our daily at-home playlist to help us learn. 

*Do you take requests? YES! We'll take requests until the last song of the night is played. ***Don't worry about that family member with the unfitting song request.. we'll politely decline to play a breakup song at a wedding. :)  Attached to our contract is an event questionnaire that will help you give us the details to smoothly guide the night. 

*How big is your song library? Unlimited! We stay up to date with current hits. We bring THOUSANDS, but pay for services that give access to nearly every song. We don't need to use YouTube or a cell phone to play your requests. We'll have a high quality song playing at all times.

*Can you play my Spotify playlist? We're more than happy to play songs that are on the list, but we can not play directly from your Spotify playlist since the app isn't reliable for a wedding. Streaming from services such as YouTube and Spotify are only as reliable as the wi-fi connection. You might not notice a streaming service/wi-fi connection run slow enough to pause your music when in the car, but at a wedding, it can be a nightmare. 

*Can we see you in action? We wish the answer was yes, but since most events we do are weddings, a bride and groom might not be too happy if we invite potential couples. At times we will have a public event, but the best opportunity to learn more about us is to meet with us. We love our road trips so are always willing to meet in person.


Videography Questions


 *Do you use a drone at all weddings?  We will try to! The shots are amazing!! However...

Snow, rain, high winds, and temps below freezing can prevent us from flying a drone outdoors. Some venues (possibly near airports or state parks) could also have restrictions on drone usage. 

 *How many videographers are included?  Typically just one, but this is why we use up to 4 cameras. :)

A 2nd shooter/videographer can always be added to your package. Those rates are based on the details of the wedding day. 


*Are speeches always added to the highlight video?  Not always. I love being able to add speeches to the highlight video, but not all speeches fit well. The delivery of the speech and the topic(s) of the speech are the main factors that determine if it's added. Sometimes a great message can be lost behind mumbled words or extreme nervousness. Sometimes a great delivery can be lost with inappropriate stories/jokes. 

 *Is raw footage included in every package?  No. Raw footage is an ad-on service only. This can be added AFTER your event, however, we shoot differently if selected BEFORE your event. If added prior to your wedding, we'll even shoot extra behind the scenes shots!! If not added at all, raw footage is not included with the highlight video. Please refer to your selected package for highlight video length. 



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