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Officiant- Who to select?

We often get asked for recommendations for other vendors, so we wanted to share our thought on a specific vendor - Officiant. We are a part of many ceremonies each year, working closely with AND getting to know officiants. We hear back stories, learn who the professional are, and learn who is a relative or close friend officiating his/her first wedding. It may come to a shock to you, but we would almost always recommend the relative or close friend. We did this for our own wedding and it was perfect!! The personal messages spoken by Andrew, couldn't have been done by a professional. There was more feeling in his voice. There was more meaning in his heart. We felt it too. Andrew, our officiant, worked hard on preparing words that were meant for us. He had us BOTH in tears. We couldn't have asked for a better officiant. To us, he was the perfect choice. But, it's not just our wedding that we see this at. We see this at each wedding that skips the professional and goes with a trusted relative or friend. I do agree that you can find a professional that's a perfect fit for you, but again, we absolutely love the idea of having a relative or friend perform your wedding. When asked for a recommendation, we will always tell the story of how perfect our own wedding was. If you're still searching for your officiant, maybe your perfect fit is the relative that you've always looked up to or the friend sitting next to you. ♥️

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