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If I had to choose ONLY one word out of the billions in the English language to describe Scott, it would be dedicated. No matter what he is doing, regardless of if it’s fishing with the kids, coaching football, DJ’ing an event, or loving ME, he is the most dedicated person I’ve ever came across in life.

Case in point… I walk in the door from work last night and am greeted by what appears to be a surprise party for me consisting of Scott, Nicholas, and Cadence and a HUGE DJ booth in our living room with lights flashing.. THE WORKS! I ask “Oh wow, what did I do to deserve this lovely greeting?”, Scott’s response “Oh, I’m just working on new ways to change our set-up for events”.

Fast forward to me cleaning up the kitchen after dinner. I am cleaning off the counter and come across a list of songs with notes next to them and 3 stars next to the title of one song. I don’t even need to ask him what it is, because I already know! He’s literally been building a playlist for a couple that had very specific requests for their wedding for the last 4 months! This man is SUCH a hard worker! I sincerely mean it when I say that I have not met anyone else in life with his work ethic!

I know that a part of his dedication comes from the fact that he wants to always strive to improve and become a better version of himself, but another HUGE part of it, is simply the fact that he wants to make people happy. No matter who or what the situation, if he can walk away feeling like he’s done something good for another human being on this planet, it brings him joy.

All this to say that I feel like the luckiest woman on the planet to be spending the rest of my life with such a dedicated, hard-working, and kind-hearted man! He puts his heart and soul into everything including his DJ business. I cannot think of anyone better to make your event (whether it be a wedding, graduation party, holiday party, or reunion) one of the most memorable experiences that you’ll have in your life!

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