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Bridal Show Pros and Cons

So, in all my 34 years, I'd never participated or even been interested in going to a bridal show.... That is, until I met the man of my dreams and he ended up being more of a planner than me! So far in 2016, we've already went to a few bridal shows. Some small and intimate and others bigger, flashier, but a whole lot less personal. Today I want to take the time to tell you my thoughts on the pros and cons of each!

The one thing that I'll say for both is that any time you have the opportunity to win FREE stuff, you should go after it with all you've got! Honestly, what have you got to lose? EVERYONE loves FREE!!!

Let's start with the smaller shows.....So maybe you're one of those people that hates walking through the mall and being chased down by the vendors at their stands. You walk with your head down and God forbid you make eye contact! If that's the case, the small shows may not be your cup of tea. Since the smaller shows seem to have both less vendors and less brides and grooms to be, what they do have is extra time to speak with each and every person that comes to their table and they may even chase you down as you walk by. Personally I liked this about them. It was was nice to pick the brains of people who were experienced in their field and I found a lot of the information helpful! Also, the VERY BEST part about small shows??? The ability to win prizes!!! Your chances are so much better when there are less people present! I won three things at the very first small show that we went to! Again, since it was a smaller show the prizes weren't lavish extravagant vacations, but they were (say it with me) FREEEEE!!!

On to bigger and better?? Perhaps? I guess that all depends on if YOU want to hold the power to walk up and talk to the vendors without them grabbing you as you walk by. Maybe you like bigger prizes like the ability to win an all expense paid honeymoon to a tropical island or the wedding of your dreams. If you're a gambler and your goal is to go big or go home, these shows are for you! You'll find multiple vendors for every aspect of your wedding, you won't be chased, and YOU can decide how long you stay and how many booths you visit.

My personal two cents....I'm feeling the smaller shows. The local vendors. The small town guys and gals that will be doing only one event on the day of my wedding.....MINE! But again, that's just my preference! We are all different....and that my friends, is what makes the world go round!

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