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Who Picked This Song Anyway??

It's that time... time for the mother/son and father/daughter dances.

The guests all find their seats, the photographer is on stand-by waiting for the picture perfect photo op.

Everyone's favorite DJ (Scott, duh!) picks up the mic and calls the bride and her father to the floor. Begrudgingly he plays the song that has been requested.... "Butterfly Kisses" starts streaming though the speakers... BUTTER-FREAKING-FLY KISSES.... AGAIN!

Come on folks... admit it! We've all had the same exact thought in our heads at every wedding that we've ever been to. "Not this song again!" And it's true! The songs that are typically used for mother/son and father/daughter dances are often old and played-out and even worse, sometimes they are completely NOT appropriate! Have you ever been sitting there in awkward silence as the mother of the groom and the groom slow dance to a song that you're pretty certain was wrote for LOVERS and definitely NOT for a mother and son? I have and it boggles the mind!

With all of these spoon-fed songs to use, we wanted to take the opportunity to give you some different more interesting options! Open your minds and hear us out! Below are some more up-to-date (less awkward) songs to use!

1) Mama-Lunch Money Lewis- Who says that these novalty songs HAVE to be slow? Mix it up a bit people! This song is fun, silly, and fast paced! We are loving the idea of a choreographed mother/son dance! I mean.. HOW MUCH FUN WOULD THAT BE?!?! Personally... I think TONS!

2) 93 Million Miles- Jason Mraz- Okay, so this one is definitely a bit more "traditional" when it comes to the slow part, HOWEVER, it's not over-played! It's a song with a beautiful message that most of your wedding guests probably have not yet heard. That's a win/win if you ask me!

3) One Call Away-Charlie Puth- Okay, so I'll be honest... this is the song that I'll be dancing with my dad to during the father/daughter dance at our very own wedding! I freaking LOVE Charlie Puth and this song is great. A girl's father is her very first protector, so I am loving the Superman reference in this one! Also, this one isn't so slow that the guests will all be asleep or at the bar once it's over!

4) Humble and Kind- Tim McGraw- And I saved the VERY BEST for last! Scott will be dancing with his mom to this song at our wedding. This one gets you right in the feels. It's perfect. Honestly, just give it a listen and I KNOW that you'll agree! Everything that a parent wants for their child is wrapped up in a beautiful little musical bow! I can't wait to witness this dance myself!

So there you have it, friends! You don't have to be traditional (says the girl with her fiance's name tattooed on her ring finger). BE THE CHANGE.... PLEASE! We're begging you!

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